snowy little holiday

this past weekend was spent up north with my husbands parents. celebrating christmas a little early with them. it was lovely, other than the both of us still recovering from some stomach bug that crept its way into our home and plagued us both. i think we are still not up to par, many days later. we did see a sprinkling of snow up there, but for once it was farther down south, closer to where we live, that saw all the snowy goodness.

some highlights from this weekend were:
  • homemade gifts
  • time for knitting and finishing projects
  • looking out the big picture window and seeing the splendor around me
  • exploring the outdoors with my camera
  • scavenging for bitty pine cones
  • sipping hot chocolate and eating homemade bread
  • making more christmas cookies, and enjoying a few too
  • sleeping in on a weekend
  • eating moose jerky (made fresh in the back yard)

these are a few cookies i got to bake with my mom before i turned violently sick. spritz cookies,
its tradition!

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