a homemade christmas

this lovely coffee cozy was a gift from my sister. and a vintage cake book! she knows me so well!
i also had the knitting bug. i made her a cowl. so simple, the pattern is found in last minute knitted gifts

meet the newest addition to our family! Chips, is a christmas present from my sister to jason. we've been putting off getting a pet, because we are still renting, but when she showed me this face, i knew it was time to give jason a cat. he's quite a fine kitty. he was, however, an outdoor cat for the first 3 months of his life, so we are trying to get him adapted to being an indoor cat.
christmas was spent with my family. we had christmas brunch, presents, games, cookies, fudge, and more food! i'm still enjoying all the leftovers!
i am excited to dive into the books my parents gave me. i've been in a reading mood lately. i've been enjoying this season. busy many moments, but there are many quiet ones as well.

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