weekend part II

after we went ballooning, we ventured into lancaster city, but not without a few stops on the way. we stopped at a amish farm stand for some pumpkins and pumpkin woopies! then onto Goods, a kind of mennonite walmart if you will. they have all sorts of everything.
then onto the city. we walked around a bit. me tyring to remember the layout of the city i've been to only a few times. luckily my internal compass was not failing me that day. we stopped by central market. one of the coolest farmers markets around. then we went in search of this yarn store, i had once been to with my sister. and unfortunately i found they went out of business :( i was quite saddened to hear that. it always makes me so sad when small business never got a good chance.
we stopped for lunch at lancaster brewery. good beer. decent food. we were both satisfied with our find for lunch.
one last stop at the pottery barn outlet, because that is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. then we made our way back home. great weekend.

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