pumpkin goodness

bring on the great pumpkin, jason! last evening we had a bunch of fun carving and roasting pumpkin seeds. jason picked out this beauty a couple of weeks ago in lancaster at a roadside stand. he picked a design, got out his little precision tools and got carving. meanwhile i was on a mission to make us a tasty treat. i wanted to try making different varieties of roasted pumpkin seeds. i got great recipe ideas at country living. i think i saw it in a magazine at work. i am loving this magazine. they have so many fun ideas. is it me or has country living gotten hipper over the years. or maybe it is i who have gotten less hip :) anyway its lovely all the same. jason's pumpkin turned out great. in a "scary looking man, sort of way". i ended up making parmesan herb, plain and sugar and spiced seeds. we are enjoying them immensely.

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