lunch and dinner!

maybe not the healthiest ever, but this pumpkin chocolate chip muffin i got from bakers on broad was so yummy! i went there to go get some bread for dinner, and ended up with a little treat for myself. i cannot easily pass up pumpkin in june, let alone with chocolate inside! so bakers on broad is this wonderful little homemade bread shop. they have pastries as well, but manly artisan breads. since reading the omnivores dilemma, i've been inspired to shop as locally as i possibly can. often times its not that much more expensive, it just takes a few trips around town to get what you need.
my adventure into dinner land last evening turned out to be a good one. i made scallops for the first time. pan- seared scallops with artichokes, roasted tomatoes and linguine. yum yum.

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