cloth napkins

i'll admit. its been a while since i've done anything very crafty. nothing has been inspirational enough to pick up and work on from start to finish. there is a lot going on right now. i'm busier at the bakery. we have thursday night dinners at our house with a bunch of friends and i'm doing some "on the side" cake projects...

so we had dinner last evening and i pulled out the yellow cloth napkins i have. they're great, i love them, but they are my only pair of napkins. so after dinner, i had some time to rummage through my fabric and come up with these linen napkins. inspiration from here. i love these and someday hope to make the table runner as well.

these flowers are amazing. a little "weed" flower growing between some of are bushes. jason found these and gave them to me in hopes of cheering up my blah day. it worked and craftiness ensued.

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