i love turquoise and panettone

i also love the food network. my favorite being giada de laurentiis. one episode she goes on to talk about panettone. bread like cake, studded with raisin and other little fruits. its soooo delicious. especially with sweet and spicy tea! i was delighted to see it for $5 at trader joes and not $30 at the speciality italian food store in peddlers village.

this past holiday weekend. my mother-in-law taught me how to crochet potholders, like the ones she gave me for christmas last year. i got a set done in no time. after i properly learned how to hold my crochet hook and yarn. i'm left handed and so i just kinda picked up my own technique, but through her guidance i learned a more efficient way of crocheting! i was delighted to find that the ribbing matches my blue star plates. plates from my grandmother. plates i would love to find more of on ebay or thrift stores. more turquoise!

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