cookie day part I

My husbands family always gets together to make christmas cookies each year. its truly an event. so it got me to thinking, why don't my we do that with my family! my mom sister and two nieces got together yesterday for our first annual cookie day. and i'm glad we did. it was loads of fun to bake with all the beautiful ladies in my life. more than mother, sister and nieces. truly good friends. we made chocolate crinkles. all partaking in the rolling of sticky chocolate batter, and dipping them in powdered sugar. after scrubbing our hands of the chocolate mess, we rolled out gingerbread men, snowflakes, candy canes, and angels. let them cool and had much fun decorating them. showing them exactly what i do everyday. filling bags with icing, holding them, and squeezing out beautiful creations. it was hard for little and big hands to get use to this. but they all did a wonderful job, and it made me so happy to share with them. dad even got in on the cookie action. after lunch it was on to peanut butter blossoms and spritz cookie press cookies. it was a full day. ending with a birthday celebration for my mom and myself!


Crystal said...

mmmmm, looks delicious!

alerts said...
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