Show and Tell... from the yard

This fiery red tree was my grandmas. she loved it so much she wanted to bring it with her on her move up the hill. uprooting a tree, i'm afraid, is not worth the cost. i feel honored to live on her farm. to experience little pieces of her once life. and this gate is what jason and i would like to take with us when we move. not very likely, but a lovely thought all the same.

my niece Ellinor, had her 8th birthday this week. and like her older sister, she also wanted a cake themed around the season she was born, so here is the result of that. just a little bit of what i've been doing for the past several months at the bakery.

1 comment:

Crystalis said...

Love the leaves, the trees...and LOVE the cake! you're getting increasingly better every time i see a cake you do, its gorgeous!

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