scrabble <3

we've been ( mostly me) wanting to get scrabble for a while now. its getting colder and with that comes more indoor activities. so we invested in a super awesome scrabble game! there is little grooves for the letters and a huge board to play on!!! so excited. we are still in the middle of our game!

Sushi for 1. i'm home alone this weekend. no husband, no schedule. so relaxing. at work today, i was reading the paper about a new trader joes opening up in the area. i was so excited to see this that i knew that would be my first stop after work. just opened yesterday, it was jam packed, but worth it all the same. ah so much good stuff.

this year, unlike last, i am eagerly anticipating the holiday season. i'm excited, for all the food, family and festivities. and this year i am also excited to decorate for the christmas season. i couldn't wait to hang these up. they seem festive for anytime of the year.


Adamn said...

I need to get in on some of that sweet scrabble action!

009 said...

I wanted scrabble just as bad as you!
Great pics!

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