Mulled Wine and fall lists

so my friend crystal and i went to england two years ago. while we were there (in december) we had the pleasuring of drinking much mulled wine. and ever since i've had a hankering to make it my self. so here is attempt #1. not too bad. a bit spicy, but still rather tasty. i only wish she was here to drink it with me and give her opinion.

i've been totally obsessed with pumpkins this year. in fact i've actually made a list of all the pumpkin treats i've consumed thus far.

my pumpkin list:

- donuts
- lattes
- rice pudding
- roll
- soy milk
- bread
- martini
- pancakes
- coffee
- hookah
- cheesecake
- seeds
- french toast

1 comment:

Crystalis said...

oooooooooo, yes! we have here mulling spices as well, and i am told that come december the entire city smells of it, because of all the christmas markets, you would love it!

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