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i've been slowly working on sprucing up my little space to work on projects. my newest little one being my wall decorations. i've seen this idea on various blogs. taking fabric and placing it in embroidery hoops. great idea for a cheap way to decorate your walls. plus when i get bored i can change the fabric out!
my only other project of late has been to condense my old cookbook i made a few years ago, and my new cookbook, with oh so many blank pages! to try and sort through my favorite tried and true recipes, and only keep them in my new book. plus it has all the pockets at the end of each category, to safely keep all the new ones i haven't tried yet. i'm a bit sad to use my homemade book a little less, but the new one is sturdy and will last for quite a while.

as far as cakes go... this one here was for my husbands grandma (oma) as she is always referred to. she is German, and a baker. it was my pleasure to be asked to make a cake for one very special lady. it seemed that she and everyone around enjoyed it. the party was held at McCooles. it was nice to have Jason's whole family together once again, as it happens so rarely these days.

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Crystalis said...

beautiful cake! we eat german cake here every day and i miss american cake...its fluffier, you know? with frosting, too!
you should make me some of your delicious recipes :)

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