At the beach 2015

 We woke Liam up early Sunday morning to surprise him with a day at the beach. We'd been promising all summer, that when we moved back home, we would go to the beach. This kid loves sand. In fact, at playgroup you can usually find him in the sandbox, regardless of who's around playing or not. It's his happy spot.

So imagine his delight when he realized he had an unlimited sandbox for the day. This was his first time at the beach. Each year, we mean to go, but something always comes up. We haven't been since I was pregnant with Liam.

He loved the ocean too. It was fun to watch him get acquainted with the ocean, waves and tides. We took a few dips in the "pool" as Liam called it, but most of the day was spent playing in the sand. We stopped for a picnic lunch and to get custard on the boardwalk. And to really make the day special, we stopped in Philly on the way home so I could get a lobster roll. A pregnancy/ summer dream come true. It was really a lovely relaxing family day, that was well deserved for everyone, considering the grueling, bumpy summer it's been for Jason and the long time we spent away from him and our home.

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