Bumble Bee Baby Shower Cake + Cupcakes

 This has definitely been the year of the baby shower cake for Snacky French! That's just fine with me. I have certainly been able to play around with quite a few themes and ideas for each cake or cupcake order I've received! 
This hive and bumble bee cake was especially great to make! I love these bee invites! Their heart wings and honeycomb design ( on the back) were a great inspiration for my design. The cupcakes have a fondant hexagon on each cake to look like honeycomb. Topped with bees and their buzzing trail and a few flowers mixed in for variety! The hive came together nicely, especially with the addition of the "flying bees" hovering around the cake. It was my first time suspending anything above a cake, so I was delighted that it worked out, just how I was envisioned it.
 I also had the pleasure of being in attendance to this shower, since it was a relative, which made it that much sweeter!

                                                         ^^^  (a closer look at the bees) ^^^

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