ONE and a half!

 It feels like ages since I've sat down to write a little update on my little one! I'm realizing just how much has happened in 6 months. So here goes.
 Liam is into/ doing/ loving these days :
  •  Running, dancing, clapping while dancing, and walking backwards
  • MUSIC! He can't get enough. He waves his one hand in a swaying motion every time he wants to listen to some.
  • He loves food. He had about 2 months of being a picky eater in his entire life so far.
  • He loves to play with his play kitchen when we are in the kitchen.
  • He loves to shovel the snow with his little shovel. He really just likes being outside any chance he can get.
  • His favorite words are all done/gone, teeth, cheese, shoes, keys, momma, dada and nana.
  • He just started to draw with markers
  • Liam and daddy made a special Valentines surprise for me!
  • Liam likes things in order! He likes to line his toys up and he is pretty good at putting things away.
  • He also has great strength for his age. He lifts up very heavy things. 
  • His favorite book is pat the cat!
  • He loves to stand on the windowsill and wait to see Daddy come home from work.
  • He likes to ride his scoot bike.
  •  He is pretty tall for his age. 
  • He likes to "sing" along at the bedtime songs we sing him
  • Liam is a busy one, up until nap or bedtime. We can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring! Hopefully more words, games, giggles and discoveries!

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Corinne Wasser said...

Thanks for getting right on this, I missed the Liam Snacky French update.

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