Soaking up the last of the "summer sun"

This little man, loves being outside! It's really been his happy place from day 1... well maybe day 3 or 4, but regardless, he will sit outside with a few toys and play happily for quite some time. So when I saw this super simple tent tutorial , I thought this would be perfect for my outdoor boy and a cute little way to protect his fair skin from the sun. Unfortunately most of the summer passed me by before I got around to doing this. So when it got warm again this first week in October, I decided to take advantage of fleeting warmth and give Liam a fun spot to play and watch Daddy stack firewood. You know because it is actually going to be cold real soon and we are a little later than normal on the whole firewood scene. 

Speaking of firewood, Jason built a great new rustic firewood storage structure and this past weekend we happily filled it full of wood! A good feeling! Not every project got done this summer, that was on our list, but we sure did get some big ones accomplished like clearing 4 trees, building the mentioned firewood structure, sorting the basement out, and many other little odds and ends. I'm especially ready for the cooler months when  we hope to make some big indoor improvements. Goodbye summer, it's been a good one.

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