the beginning of my favorite season with my favorite little man.

 Hey there autumn, you wasted no time in gracing us this year, with some early cool days, to enjoy warm beverages, flannel shirts and cozy slippers. This makes for one very happy girl. My favorite season is at hand!
 Liam is 14 months now and on the cusp of so many new adventures. He is almost walking, almost feeding himself with a spoon and almost saying or repeating new sounds and some words daily. It's a good season. Liam is growing, Snacky French is growing and I'm learning how to best manage time with Liam, Jason and my business. Some weeks are a crazy baking flurry, coordinating schedules, errands galore and some weeks I get to organize, pick pumpkins, knit and play at the park. Liam is reaping the benefits of my knitting. He got a new cowl! He even keeps it on. Major win. That's a bit of what's been going on around here, right now!

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