Liam is 8 months!

 8 months ( how did this happen)
  •  So teething has been a constant around here. Total count so far is 6 going on7 teeth!
  • This boy is BUSY! 
  • Lots of new sounds like Maaa, Daa, Naa, Yaa and Blah
  • Scoots backward on his tummy and rolls all around the room!
  • Loves bouncing in his jolly jumper and saucer
  • Walks backward in a walker!
  • Likes to snuggle after his morning bottle!
  • Liam had his first swing ride the other day! He was all smiles as he swung back and forth!
  • Looking forward tot he warmer weather so we can go explore outside more!
feeding himself some scrambled egg!
playing ball
loves everything about the camera!
toothy grins all the time!
diaper pile
toy pile

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