Liam is 7 months

 7 months old:
  • We started out this month with a stomach bug. Poor little guy was sick for almost 8 days. His spirits were pretty good through all of it.
  • We got him a high chair finally! Most days he likes to sit in it in the kitchen with me while I make our meals!
  • He's starting to eat more foods! Yogurt, sweet potatoes, carrots, eggs and beef most recently.
  • A new favorite game is making a tent around him! I think he's going to be a good little camper!
  • This little boy thought it would be a good idea to cut his 3 top teeth all at once.
  • Liam has learned to make a fish face! It's the best!
  • This month he's been able to sit up on his own!
  • He likes to talk with his hand over his mouth making fun sounds.
  • Liam made me the sweetest valentine with a little help from Daddy :)
  • He loves taking walks outdoors when it's not too chilly or windy.
  • Rubber ducky is his new favorite toy! 

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