Birthday Party!

last evening we had a birthday gathering for my sister! it was filled with lots of delicious swedish food, family and friends. the cake you see is a princess cake! a traditional swedish birthday cake and a favorite of my sisters. that was my contribution to the party. a first time cake for me. it turned out great, although i will admit the marzipan i used to cover the top was giving me a lot of trouble and i was on the verge of a cake meltdown. thanks to jason and some persistence we made it work!  a princess cake is layers of sponge cake, raspberry filling with whip cream, a layer of vanilla cream filling, more whip cream and then enrobed in marzipan.
the party was held in the art gallery my sister works at. it was a beautiful night with a homemade theme. it was topped off with a great surprise gift from us all... a camera that she had been wishing for, for quite a while. surprises are so fun !

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Anton said...

Thank you Kristi for everything! And your fight with almond paste was so worth if for me!
Love you!

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