summer wedding and a vacation too!

my dear friend, got married across from one of the best waterfalls i've seen here on the east coast! the day was a beautiful one. the weather turned out lovely, the couple looked radiant and had the most beautiful vows.

this was my contribution to the day. my mom grew the flowers, i made the cake. together they both traveled very well.

afterwards we went camping at buttermilk falls state park. it was a great vacation. we visited many of the waterfall and gorges in the surrounding parks. went swimming in the waterfalls, took a few hikes and a drive around lake senenca. cooked many meals on the fire, finished a book, had cross-w0rd wars, and many games of rumi
back to work, back to baking.
hopefully i'll post more pictures of both the wedding and camping on flickr soon.

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009 said...

I have to work on my card skills. you are a shark!

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