june staycation day 1

we are currently on a mini vacation. a couple of weeks ago i called my husband from work, rather frazzled and told him we really needed a vacation... so we came up with the idea to stay in town. to relax, do things we've been meaning to and just throw any agenda out the window for one week. sure there are plenty of things we could be fixing or tidying. we are focusing on some of those, but mostly we are catching up with each other, and renewing our weary spirits a bit.

here we are, almost at the end of our first day. a little recap... sleeping in. breakfast out. thrifting around town. found my bridesmaids dress for $10! took our bikes to the reservoir for a picnic. baking lemon pound cake for a cake order in a few weeks. a little trial run, if you will. never baked a cake in the new oven! some tequila and a movie. be back tomorrow evening with more tales of the days adventures.

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